Neil Elliott Dorval

Monday, March 19, 2012

Neil Elliott Dorval


Crossover Genre Piano based Instrumentalist. Soft Rock, Jazz, Blues, Adult Contemporary, Standards, Island, Pop… with some vocals & guests

Neil Elliott Dorval is a significant talent, a very confident and convincing virtuoso artist performer, who exhibits absolutely brilliant musicianship, spellbinding at times. He has a vast repertoire in various genres of music. Neil delivers an emotionally inspirational presentation. His piano arrangements are simply amazing. Neil has his own special unique style, very passionate, appealing to all audiences.

Neil has strong command over what he does at the Piano. He is not just any musician. Neil exhibits significant confident musical improvisation, classic riffs, creative voicings, and strong walking bass lines. He excels at delivering melody lines with an angelic emotionally moving touch, while creating a sonically pleasing ambience, uplifting and refreshing. Precision Piano playing, well executed, and captivating. Neil has extremely impressive piano skills.

Neil’s style is a unique innovative hybrid of the great Piano Men: Dr. John, Chuck Leavell, 
Bruce Hornsby, Elton John, Bill Evans, Dave Brubeck, Ramsey Lewis, Keith Jarret, Ahmad Jamal, George Winston, Count Basie, Nat King Cole, Oscar Peterson, Roy Bitton, Billy Preston, Jeff Lorber, Bob James, Harry Connick, …
Neil is also a very versatile songwriter – composer and lyricist, creating memorable melodies, catchy rhythms, & aesthetic & creative, well thought out, interesting & philosophical lyrics.

Grammy Award Winners have made guest appearances on Neil’s recordings – Grover Washington Jr., Laurence Juber (Paul McCartney), + Smooth Jazz Veterans: Peter White, Warren Hill… & vocalist Sweet Pea Atkinson + Bass Players; Jennifer Condos (Jackson Browne, Don Henley) & Hutch Hutchinson(Ringo Starr, Bonnie Raitt), Drummer Don Heffington(Bob Dylan)

Neil is a graduate of Temple University. His primary instrument in college was the Pipe Organ, where he performed the intricate works of Johann Sebastian Bach. Neil also plays Hammond B3, Keyboards & Percussion.
Neil was twice permanently Board Certified as a Music Therapist, and has provided substantially more direct patient care than anyone in any capacity, ever on planet earth. He continues to provide such work to those with Alzheimers Disease, Autistic Children, and other Client Populations. Neil encourages Music Industry professionals, businesses & organizations to sponsor his Music Therapy programs pro bono, in exchange for music career advancement opportunities.

Neil Dorval